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virtual waiting room solution
Control your website during traffic peaks with NetFUNNEL.
NetFUNNEL is a waiting room solution that helps you to offer seamless digital services and to analyze service performance to identify the best practices for your service. Your service is monitored in real-time and end-user transactions are controlled to optimize IT resources.
To offer a fair serivce, our solution issues queue tickets to your customers. Once a customer receives a queue ticket, the queueing process begins. Your service accepts customers in order and informs estimated wait time in real-time.
NetFUNNEL key Features
Real-time service monitoring
NetFUNNEL collects all service information in real-time. Using the NetFUNNEL monitoring dashboard, you can monitor your service as a whole as well as segment-by-segment.

Following service performance indicators are viewed:
Total wait tickets / Outflow rate /
Process time / Wait time / Queue /
Segment status(fast, medium, slow)
Independent server
Your system continues to function even if our server crashes down. It keeps your server safe and continues to support seamelss service operation.
IT Orchestration
We allow you to control total inflow of your service by segements. You can allocate IT resources in real-time depend on your service status. IT orchestration helps you to maximize service operation effectively and efficiently.
Fully customizable waiting screen
Our waiting screen can be fully customized to reflect your brand identity. We offer various customization options including a progress bar, expected wait time, numbers of people waiting ahead/behind, message editing, company logo, etc.
URL based control panel
You can easily add and manage virtual waiting rooms in our control panel. Registered URLs in project monitoring settings make the process of applying virtual waiting rooms much simpler and quicker.